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Competition in the field of magnetic sensors warming hot 6-axis components

The latest report of the market research firm IHS benefit from the selling of end products such as tablet devices and mobile phones, the Japanese supplier of magnetic sensor (magnetic sensor) Asahi Kasei Microsystems (AKM) in 2011, the third year in a row reelection as a market leader throne, its revenue occupies almost a quarter of the overall magnetic sensor industry revenues of $ 1.5 billion.

According to IHS iSuppli statistics AKM's 2011 revenue is estimated at $ 372 million, compared with $ 300 million in 2012 to grow by 24%; the company's 2011 the overall magnetic sensors market share of approximately 25%, ranking since 2009 for the first time to get on the first magnetic sensor supplier status. The sum of the world's top ten magnetic sensors IC vendor revenues in 2011 to $ 1.3 billion, accounting for 90% of the overall industry revenue.

Machinery or equipment used to track the position, contact, speed and linear perspective, or detect and deal with the magnetic field in order to establish the Hall element Location (Hall element) and magnetic sensor IC field, AKM is no doubt a leader; "IHS senior analyst Richard Dixon, said:" The company's 2011 revenue growth momentum, a large part from the phone and tablet device application, based on the Hall element 3D magnetic compass (Hall-based 3-D magnetic compasses). "

The electronic compass competition in the field of heat may be gradually increased, but the focus of the 6-axis compass; In the past, the volume of such compass and 3-axis discrete components fierce competition. However, recently the German companies Bosch and American Freescale launched the area only 3x3mm solutions; IHS pointed out that the two companies are combined accelerometer and compass of their own into the 6-axis components, with OEM manufacturers such axis program, AKM will feel the pressure of competition.

2011, the world's second largest supplier of magnetic sensors Allegro MicroSystems in the United States, the company's annual revenues of $ 302 million, compared with $ 264 million in 2010 to grow 14%; Allegro last year to change its strategy, AKM other vendors lock low price of consumer applications sensor market, steering sensor application of high-end products, such as the automotive sector. The price is relatively high, Hall speed sensor is applied to the vehicle axle switch Allegro's strengths, the company is also applied to a battery monitoring system, and other areas of the main suppliers of the Hall current sensor.

Infineon of Germany in 2011 ranked the world's third largest supplier of magnetic sensors, the company's annual revenue of $ 188 million, compared with $ 142 million in 2010, up 33%; strong growth performance Infineon replace Swiss Micronas stand on the world's third position, which fell to fourth place from third.

The Infineon growth driven by automotive steering systems (steering) the application of the wheel speed sensor and torque (torque), the company next year will launch a new series of current sensor products with higher integrated magnetic sensing program, including the speed sensors including; addition to the angle sensing applications anisotropic magnetic resistance (AMR).

Micronas fell to the fourth place by 2010, the third largest supplier of magnetic sensors, magnetic sensor revenue in 2011 was $ 150 million, compared with $ 143 million in the previous year growth of 5%; 2011 Camp closing underperforming, 311 in Japan after the earthquake, the loss of a Hall sensor customers ─ ─ Japanese Denso orders.

Belgian industry is ranked the fifth largest supplier of magnetic sensors Melexis, the company's 2011 revenue of $ 112 million, compared with $ 107 million in 2010 to grow by 5%. IHS Melexis in the accelerator pedal position sensing (acceleration-pedal-position sensing) applications will continue to firm leadership position, the company has 80% of the business is to lock the field of automotive applications, but also supply mobile phone display with the switching element.

The rest in the ranking of the world's top ten magnetic sensing suppliers, as well as $ 96 million in annual revenue, sixth great cause by NXP; ranked seventh largest Japanese Aichi Steel, $ 40 million of annual revenue dollars. The industry also ranked eighth two companies were Austrian industry AMS (austriamicrosystems), as well as the American The stationary component used in Memsic 2011 annual revenues of $ 29 million. Tenth U.S. Diodes, annual revenues of $ 24 million

The stationary component used in Memsic annual revenue growth rate former top ten magnetic sensors suppliers, the best performance, the growth rate of up to 1,340%; growth engine for the company from Samsung electronic compass orders of large customers, and its 2010 electronic compass shipments is very small. Aichi Steel is a supplier of high growth rate, amplitude 122% revenue contribution from Sharp's mobile phone products.

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