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LED lighting design trends: energy conservation, taking into account the visual

Technology is hard conditions for the development of the design while soft power penetrated into every corner of people's lives. With the increasing development of the upgrading of technology and LED lighting technology, LED lighting in daily life has become increasingly common. Research and development of the design excellent LED lighting products, how to attract customers eye firmly, quickly seize market opportunities, each lighting design workers are racking their brains trying to achieve.

Currently, LED lighting applications were focused mainly public facilities, airports, railway stations, hotels are LED lighting applications large. In this paper the Chengdu Airport New Terminal lighting project, for example, explore the current needs and trends of airport lighting design and engineering of LED lamps.

Energy conservation is a constant pursuit

How to further improve the energy-saving effect of the lighting in the use of the LED light source is a new task in front of us.

Explosion in science and technology in the 21st century, the global political and economic are quickly change, energy and climate issues invariably focus on hot issues of national development, and the lighting is the intersection of these two issues. Energy consumption rankings, lighting ranked first, accounting for about 25%. The United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea and other economic powers have been introduced to the elimination of the traditional light source policy and LED lighting popularization program, China is no exception this year, has released the announcement of incandescent bulbs will be gradually banned.

In this issue, countries and businesses to choose the direction of the lighting is consistent. Many large lighting project is the beginning, it has been clear interior lighting will use LED lighting, this way, can greatly reduce the cost of electricity in the operating costs. However, the use of the LED light source, how to further improve the lighting energy-saving effect of it? This is a new task in front of us, is also worthy of deep thinking LED lighting design and R & D process.

In the design and development process of the LED lamps, almost all design around the main line, how to improve the efficiency of product light to carry. From the power supply design, testing, and analysis, to the selection, arrangement of LED array, to translucent panels haze requirements, even on the PCB silk screen font color, industry-wide design staff has been their best efforts to improve the efficiency of light .

Chengdu Airport in lighting engineering clearly downlight products use LED light source luminous efficiency ≥ 110lm / W, the entire lighting efficiency ≥ 65lm / W requirements for indoor lighting is a very high indicator also LED development of the light source to the last one or two years in order to achieve the level of technology. Ultimately, the project selection round recessed downlights the entire lighting efficiency up to 73.26lm / W, beyond the requirements of more than 10%.

Is not difficult to understand the demanding requirements of the optical efficiency means that energy consumption can be further reduced because of the higher luminous efficiency LED lighting. Circular recessed downlights, for example, the Chengdu airport originally scheduled power 21W Rated luminous flux 1170lm measured luminous flux 1282.08lm, power is only 17.5W, than the original 21W low 3.5W. Total number of 10,000 sets of the entire airport lighting, it is assumed that the average daily turn on the lights 12 hours, the saving power of 153,300 kwh, equivalent to of local electricity about 18 million / year. More important, the annual carbon emissions of 18 million behind, environmental pollution and climate impacts for businesses and countries, with more far-reaching significance.

Visual experience is vital demand

Visual experience, including not only the comfort of the illumination light, and also includes the aspect of the lamps appearance and installation details.

Lighting level of the airport building at the national standard GB50043-2004 architectural lighting design standards "clear illuminance, glare, and color requirements. But for customers, only it is not enough to meet the standard requirements, the actual lighting design must be closely linked to the construction of different areas within the nature of the work, the crowd range of factors such as building structures to carry out, in order to give customers a good visual experience to obtain recognition.

Good visual effect depends on the fine performance of the the excellent overall lighting engineering design and lighting equipment. In lighting design, lighting programs respond to each functional area to make a detailed analysis of the simulation, the use of lighting simulation software that row of lamps of different regions of cloth types, luminous flux, light distribution curve well designed. At the same time to meet the functional requirements, it should also take into account the details and humane. More spacious and open space, in order to avoid a large number of lamps in the ceiling caused by glare, hard light bar can be used to carry out the side of the light-emitting lighting; resting place should be used to warm white, mild and low power and illumination more uniform lighting, soft, improve people's comfort.

Chengdu airport lighting solutions using LED as the light source, combining highly reflective, high transmittance mask application of new optical materials, LED lamps light efficiency is much higher than that of traditional lamps. In addition, the intelligent control system can be obtained through the photosensitive detector ambient light, combined with the control system to adjust the brightness of the lamps of the specific area, in order to achieve the higher level of demand on-demand lighting and secondary energy conservation.

Visual experience, including not only the comfort of the illumination light, and also includes the aspect of the lamps appearance and installation details. Cylindrical surface mounted downlight installation, for example, it is necessary to ensure that the lamps in the long, wide, precise regulation high direction within a certain range, and the requirements of the lighting installation completely perpendicular to the ground, and can not see any parts installed screw These harsh conditions to the lighting design brings more and more challenges.

Indoor lighting design, lighting design, architectural design, site construction units together to communicate with our customers to explore, study and solve various problems, multi-party collaboration, tailored for project of supporting and design LED lamps, has become a new lighting design trends.

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