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Triple play under CMMB trend

CMMB is China's self-developed mobile multimedia broadcasting industry standard, the use of high-power S-band satellite coverage 100% of the land across the country, using ground overlay network cities in the densely populated area of ​​effective coverage, use of two-way return channel to interact to form a one-way broadcast and two-way interactive combination of seamless coverage of the system, the central and local combined.

Review CMMB development through the historical process, every "first" beckons a Fading. 2002 first bud brewing; birth of the first set of prototype in early 2006 and debut in the year BIRTV show; October 2006 launch of the first standard; March 2007 to develop the first chip; 2007 month in Beijing cloth Xiadi a launch point.

Sun Zhaohui said that "our progress, so far we have completed more than 300 cities nationwide coverage. Has become the world's largest mobile multimedia broadcasting television coverage, we now have more than 500 launch point, covering more than 300 cities, has become the world's largest mobile multimedia broadcasting overlay network. Meanwhile, the single frequency network in Beijing and Shanghai, we've built so far, is also the world's largest and second largest cities in a single frequency network. "

CMMB operator

Operating model, Corporation - subsidiary - the three-tier organizational structure of the branch. CMMB mobile multimedia broadcast television operators institutions for the Broadcasting Communication Co., Ltd., is a wholly owned subsidiary of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television Radio Authority under the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, headquartered in Beijing, in accordance with the national "unified standard, unified planning, unified construction, unified operation "ideas, and television, and this year we will choose some qualified provincial radio and Urban radio and new media formats pilot. In this pilot project, a very large and our past, the new channel is not the same, and our traditional channels have the same percentage of advertising revenue and the length of time, so this year we will be in terms of content, we will broadcast and provincial and municipal TV technology has been completed, and now we select the part of the conditional, the pilot of the launch of new channels.


The CMMB overall architecture

CMMB operation support system will gradually realize the central, provincial and municipal levels of business, service, billing, settlement and data management at different levels in the same technology platform and support call center operations, customer service and all kinds of data integrated information to support business management under a single bi-conditions.

Market management services

As a unified national system of radio and television operators, CMMB broadcasting system since the founding of the first national unified standard, unified planning, unified construction, unified operation of important projects. We have completed the 30 provinces, provincial operator of the subject contract, 27 provinces, we have begun the main run.

Its product line began richer, has good sales CMMB mobile phone on the market, complete a variety of brands.

Future development

In the content business, providing suitable to move the state to watch the TV channels; rich media-based real-time broadcast interactive services; provide a variety of push services (magazines, music, video, newspapers); provide real-time intelligent traffic guidance services; provide real-time financial information services.

Operator services, the efficient operation of the establishment of nationwide service system; establish a national call center support scale user; convenient electronic payment and collection system.

Become a household business brand in terms of market development, "eye color"; basis for business users over 100 million; over 40 million the number of value-added business users.

With the triple play gradually accelerate progress CMMB number of users has steadily improved the value of the industry is becoming increasingly clear, future CMMB There are a lot of way to go, only more fit market, the development of quality services, CMMB before fierce a firm foothold in the market competition.

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