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Industrial computers and embedded systems exhibition reveals new industry trends

August 21 to "the wisdom of creating productive forces" as the theme, the 2012 industrial computer and embedded systems Show (IPC & Embedded Expo) opened in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. According to organizers creative era Exhibition, the exhibition will focus on the exhibition of new types of industrial computers, embedded technologies and products, as well as their application in various industry segments market program. Participating companies, including Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Freescale, Microchip, AMD, Xilinx, Fujitsu, ON, ADI, Microsemi embedded field representative enterprises; the Advantech Bo to display and control congatec top Star, Avalue Powerise into the field of industrial computer the representative enterprise; LeCroy, Chi Fu, Jetway, Transcend, Kim Seung, Emerson, Exar embedded technology in various fields.

       IPC & Embedded Expo 2012 keynote speech held in the same period, the the fourth the mcu technology innovation embedded applications General Assembly MCU! MCU! 2012, the Fifth China International Medical Electronics Technology Conference CMET2012, DTF matter networking technology and application of the General Assembly and other multi-game high the end of the forum, also invited the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the sensing technology branch of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, Shenzhen Medical Device Industry Association, the embedded Branch of the China Software Industry Association, Huawei, Mindray, Microsoft intel, iSuppli, the IMS research institutions such as industry experts and enterprises and senior analyst jointly came to power, the proposed total automation, smart meters, smart home, motor control, IPC, HMI, medical electronics, Internet of Things hotspot application of embedded technology market.


       Industry, four major new trends: miniaturization, low-power, high-performance, design sense

       With the rapid development of computers, embedded technology, various industries accelerated automation, information technology, industrial computer products, technology and the market has also been considerable development. Industrial computers and embedded systems show a variety of new industrial computers and embedded products show people shines: Industrial Panel PC, rugged handheld terminal, the the industrial PDA ...... miniaturization, filled with a sense of design products makes a change in the the crude benzol image of the traditional industrial computer product appearance. I also which summed up the industrial computer products of the four major trends: miniaturization, low-power, high-performance, design sense.

       According to the number of exhibitors, the "miniaturization" intelligent, "" low-power "has become the trend of the development of industrial automation, information systems, responsible for the brain and nervous in which industrial computers, embedded products bear the brunt miniaturization, low power consumption has become the basic requirements of industrial computers, embedded computers, industrial PDA sudden emergence of the industrial Tablet PC market is evidenced. To meet user requirements for miniaturization, low-power, fanless structure of the first high-end PC, SSD has become the choice for many industrial computer enterprises; based on reduced instruction set, scalability, The high-end performance and low-power RISC / ARM platform products have also become the industrial panel PC, industrial PDA products preferred.

       Miniaturization and low power outside of Things and cloud computing take-off of the market also put forward higher requirements for industrial computer performance, the Advantech display at the show site, based on the intel Sandy Bridge architecture Core i series processors products, with Q67/C206 chipset support AMT 7.0 and IPMI 2.0 management interface. According to the person in charge, the new generation SandyBridge architecture compared to the previous generation processing platform to achieve up to 20% performance increase, and the latest Dynamic Turbo Boost technology can balance the performance and power requirements. RISC platform products based on the Cortex-A8, Cortex-A9, the Cortex-A15 and other high-end RISC / ARM platform products at the booth, the speed of new technology and even ahead of the consumer electronics market.

       In addition to miniaturization, low-power, high-performance, the appearance of industrial computer products also put forward higher requirements, or stable atmosphere, stylish, sophisticated engaging appearance of some handheld products you hands the phone does not even lose . In some enterprises, ergonomic, user experience even be mentioned with the product performance, reliability, same height.

       Core competitiveness of enterprises: in the product, but also in the service; in hardware, more software

       If the company's industrial computer or embedded products meet the requirements of miniaturization, low-power, high-performance, design sense, can be smooth sailing on the market it? Many exhibitors are given the answer is not. Prior to discussion on IPC market should exist on the microblogging expert gives the answer: industrial computer is the product of the market segments with different application requirements evolve. Companies sell products, not the concept, nor is the market gap, but the service, the customer needs.

 Author: Source: Click:1560 Date:2013-06-18
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