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The Xilinx 28nm All programmable system for the benefit of medical electronics

In order to meet customer demand for the product of the "low-cost, low-power, high-performance, high-density" programmable platform has become the only choice of the designer. Held in Shenzhen on August 22, "the fifth China International Medical Electronics Technology Conference", the inventor of the FPGA - Xilinx display fully programmable SOC All programmable process based on 28nm process.

       Held at the same forum, Xilinx Asia-Pacific emerging business development manager Wong Man Kit Xilinx 28nm programmable platforms to help medical device designers to meet the next generation of medical systems for higher performance, lower power consumption, faster time-to-market delivered a speech on demand ". He said that the medical electronics is the the Xilinx focus applications, the new platform will be put into ultrasound, CT, X-ray and other areas of application, the processor and FPGA highly integrated, low-cost high-end image processing program.

       In the show, Xilinx also features advanced platforms and solutions for medical applications, including CAT scan image processing \ demo based Zynq ™ -7000 HD video processing.

       Reporters on the scene, Xilinx All Programmable platform image much clearer picture than simply using ARM platform, this contemporary telemedicine HD surgery provides reliable protection. The realization of these technological achievements, thanks to the power of Xilinx All Programmable SOC and 28nm process platform.

      All Programmable SOC highly integrated convenience for engineers

       All Programmable FPGA application from the programmable logic integrated and officially entered programmable system integration. This let the the Xilinx best innovative technology that allows customers with smaller chip integration and lower cost to build a better, faster system.

       The Xilinx 28nm All Programmable devices, with a large number of programmable hardware logic circuit, memory and DSP software programmable multi-core ARM Cortex A9, programmable analog circuit, such as 13G, 28G SerDes and ADC and so on. These integrated All Programmable FPGA to become the core of the system, the formation of the programmable system hardware and software co-design systems integration.

    At the same time, in order to speed up and simplify the design of the All Programmable System Integration, Xilinx invested four years to develop and launch for the next decade All Programmable devices, IP and system design kit Vivado development tools, original FPGA development placement and routing 4 times faster.

    In addition, Xilinx is also the industry's first high-level synthesis HLS integrated into the FPGA enterprise FPGA development process. The initiative so that engineers can use C, C + + or System C to to develop FPGA hardware, greatly accelerate the development cycle of the entire system. Xilinx also provide a large number of IP or some reference design to reduce R & D investment and shorten the development cycle.

       Xilinx has gone beyond the Moore's Law, to lead the semiconductor industry towards 3DIC era, it uses revolutionary technology - Stacked Silicon Interconnect technology (SSI), All Programmable System Integration core technology, enabling multiple die perfectly integrated on a chip and inter-chip bandwidth per watt increase 100 times.

       Enhance performance, reduce power consumption and BOM cost 28nmHPL of the charm of the process

        Xilinx 28nm and All programmable platform to achieve the perfect fusion. The impact of Moore's Law, every 18 months, the semiconductor industry, there is a technical innovation, process improvements, however, require a very large investment in light 28nm need a $ 170 million investment, equivalent to 45nm 2 times the cost of expensive costs limit the feasibility of ASIC and ASSP 28nm node. While Xilinx world's first 28nm process products production and applied to the product, its largest competitor Artera late it about a year's time.

 Author: Source: Click:1735 Date:2013-06-18
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